Confident Presenters is a 2 hours long group class, in first hour focus would be

Encourage kids to brainstorm and research on the given topic.

Revise the script with student.

Introduce the steps to make an effective presentation.

All students will be asked to make a presentation in front of the class.

Second hour would be tech based, in which

Students will type their presentation.

Beautify and enhance their presentation using power point or google drive.

By the end of course student should be able to

Have effective and improved writing skills

Speak/present in front of audience.

Prepare effective presentation using tech tools.

At the end of course we will invite parents to enjoin to provide broader audience to the kids for their presentations.

Its a 8 weeks long course starting from

Course is designed for mixed grade levels, Students are encouraged to bring their laptops for the second hour of the course.

* Limited number of registrations are open on first come first serve basis .

Lead Course Instructor :

Hina Shakil An MBA, whose core skill had been an effective presentations, besides has rich experience of being MC of many community gatherings.

Assistant :

Mahad Shakil An 8th Grader- known for his advanced skills and confident presentations and effective public speaking, he has one Television interview on King 5 News and Speech in open rally arranged by American Immigration society in Seattle in his credit as well as a student from honors society and have experience of being teacher Assistant in the class of "Digital Media", he is highly commended by his teachers for his leadership skills, effective speaking, readiness to assist and explain to students and his capability to handle the tech based presentations.

For more details and registration email or call the Academia Office.


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