DR. DERYA I. Dilmen

I am a passionate scientist and civil engineer, who is an expert on teaching.

I hold a PhD degree from University of Washington, Earth and Space Sciences Department (finished on June 2016) I worked at Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory of NOAA and collaborated with tsunami scientists during my PhD. NOAA. I have BSc degree in Civil Engineering. I passed Engineer in Training (EIT) exam held by WA State, which is a compulsory test for engineers to be able to work in US. The topics of the exam include undergraduate math, science and engineering

I have more than 8 years of teaching experience at top ranked universities internationally. I taught Advanced Math and Science classes during my MSc education. During my PhD, I worked as a teaching assistant at University of Washington (UW), Seattle. I taught Science and Math classes to undergraduate and graduate students. I have been also teaching English and Math lessons to friends and family members for more than 15 years. My nephew’s grade for the class of English is 100 over 100 this semester. Currently I am helping my brother in law pass his TOEFL exam.

In summary, I am a lecturer with advanced degree who works as a tutor in Academia Learning Center, Bellevue. I will keep bringing value to the center. I will be very happy to teach fundamentals of Math, Science and English to your kid in order to help him/her pursue the best career he/she wants.


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